Abendschau | 3:24 Min | New York - Berlin | © rbb

summer party 2022

The summer party was awesome! Great guests, hot music, the finest food and a fantastic atmosphere! Thanks to EVERYONE for the great support. It'll start again soon, we look forward to seeing you!
Your team from the GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB

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Abenteuer Leben - Beef Aperitivo

Wood, fire and meat - that's what Josh stands for in his GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB. This time, together with Andi, boss Josh conjures up beef aperitifs with full commitment. The small meat appetizers come from southern climes, but Josh always has his own creative ideas.
Staffel 2019 | Episode 19 | 23.01.2019 | 16:55 | © kabel eins

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