From various television channels several film contributions about the inventions and activities of "Josh" Jabs and the GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB have been shown in the past.

We assembled a collection.

These videos belong to TV broadcasters and are publicly available on the Internet, mostly in media libraries. In some cases there will be some "annoying" commercial. Unfortunately you must bear with this otherwise you cannot see the informative contributions. Even loading takes a little longer for extensive contributions, depending on the Internet connection.

summer party 2022

The summer party was awesome! Great guests, hot music, the finest food and a fantastic atmosphere! Thanks to EVERYONE for the great support. It'll start again soon, we look forward to seeing you!
Your team from the GOLDHORN BEEFCLUB

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Unser Grillexperte Josh Jabs aus dem Berliner Restaurant "GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB" ist bekannt für seine leckeren Fleischideen. Aber dieses Mal wird es ungewöhnlich fruchtig und vegetarisch. Josh kredenzt drei exquisite Inside-Out Burger.
Staffel 2020 | Episode 23 | 27.01.2020 | 16:55 | © kabel eins

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Frühstücksfernsehen - Pfannentest

Profi-Koch Josh Jabs testet drei Pfannen aus verschiedenen Preisklassen. Welche Unterschiede es bei den Pfannen gibt und inwiefern das die Qualität beim Braten beeinflusst, zeigt und erklärt der Profi. Welche Pfanne macht das Rennen?
24.01.2019 | 07:00 | © SAT.1

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Abenteuer Leben - Beef Aperitivo

Holz, Feuer und Fleisch - Dafür steht Josh in seinem GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB. Zusammen mit Andi zaubert Chef Josh dieses Mal mit vollem Einsatz Beef Aperitivos. Die kleinen Fleisch-Appetithäppchen stammen aus südlichen Gefilden, doch Josh hat immer eigene kreative Ideen.
Staffel 2019 | Episode 19 | 23.01.2019 | 16:55 | © kabel eins

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Abenteuer Leben - Joshs perfekter Fisch

Grillmeister Josh Jabs vom Berliner GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB ist berühmt für seine exklusiven und perfekt gebratenen Steaks. In seinem neuen Restaurant (noch in der Planung) will er jetzt auch Fisch anbieten. Einen 6,5 Kilo Steinbutt direkt vom Grill an den Tisch serviert. Aber wie geht eigentlich Fisch? Wir zeigen wie man den perfekten Fisch zubereitet.
Abenteuer Leben Täglich | 10:31 Min | Janus-TV | © kabel eins

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Abenteuer Leben

Mummified meat! The newest invention by Harmut Jabs in the GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB in Berlin. The name conjures up the embalming techniques of the old Egyptians, and it looks exactly like it – it is wrapped up to mature. Here not the pharohs but the beef meat is embalmed and becomes in the end a right royal delicacy.

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My restaurant, your restaurant

GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB: Exclusive method of grilling

© kabel eins showed the episode 67 of this season on May 29th 2015 19:17 min

In this show four to five restaurants of one city or region compete against each other and evaluate each other by assigning points. In episode 67 four restaurants went into the competition under the motto "method of grilling in Berlin".

The GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB came first place with full points. From more than 3000 restaurants that have participated in this program, there were only FOUR restaurants which managed to get the full points.

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