Where does Josh Jabs have his meat competence from?

He grew up with his grandparents in the countryside and learned about the respectful treatment of farm animals in his grandfather's butcher shop. He deepened his acquired knowledge in the event area among others at the WiFi Austria and completed his professional education with a degree as a meat sommelier in July 2015. He holds the following patents, among others: HaJaTec-Grill, HaJaTec- table grill, black meat maturation and ButterQueen.

His motto is: "The world’s oldest method of cooking meat and products of the highest quality presented to the guest at the highest level".

How is this possible?
The first prerequisite for this is the HaJaTec® grill, equipped with the patented high-tech grill. That means optimal indoor grilling pleasure with charcoal, without fat dripping into the fire! An absolute pleasure to grill the healthiest way that direct grilling can provides.

Furthermore at the GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB you only get the highest prime quality of meat on your plate. Josh Jabs personally looks after how the animals are kept, fed, stabled, and butchered. Alongside the own maturation (black meat maturation), which in the near future will be done in the patented in-house glass fronted maturity cabinets, he currently offers up to 200 cuts from 21 different cattle breeds - a worldwide unique selection.


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