"No pleasure is temporary, because the impression it leaves behind, is permanent"

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Welcome to the GOLDHORN-BEEFCLUB Berlin, one of the world’s most exclusive beef club

    We look forward to Zurich, the GOLDHORN‑BEEFCLUB soon in Switzerland.    
    We look forward to London, the GOLDHORN‑BEEFCLUB soon in London.    
    We look forward to Rome, the GOLDHORN‑BEEFCLUB soon in Italy.    
    We look forward to Zurich, the GOLDHORN‑BEEFCLUB soon in Switzerland.    

02.-26. December 2018: The famous on charcoal grilled Christmas Goose in the GOLDHORN‑BEEFCLUB (Reservation needed!)

I’d like to invite you to experience with us the world’s oldest method of cooking meat in a very special way with unique qualities.

We do not simply grill. No! We bewitch our club members and guest not only in the way we cook meat, but also in fish and everything that can be cooked over an open fire. Cooked on patented HaJaTec®-grills.

We are not just any steakhouse. Here you get the highest prime meat quality from the finest cattle breeds from around the world with unusual large selection and degrees of tenderness. Our cuts of meat include among others Wagyu, Black Angus, Kobe beef, Ozaki beef, Galloway or Charolais

In addition, you’ll also find Ibérico pork and French Miéral poultry, as well as premium fish and seafood on our menu.

Our exquisite wines, hearty beers and imaginative cocktails harmoniously round off everything.

The smoking lounge with its built-in humidor, comfortable leather armchairs and soothing music provide enjoyment and relaxation in an exclusive atmosphere at the highest gourmet level.

Let us surprise you and let your senses experience unique pleasures.

Sincerely Yours, Hartmut "Josh" Jabs

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